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ZB5AA9 Schneider Electric, Push Button Head With 6 Coloured Caps

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SKU PIL-0190-E
UPC: 3389110134544
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Product Information

Harmony XB5, Push Button Head, Plastic, Flush, 22 mm, Spring Return, With 6 Coloured Caps

  • ZB5AA9
  • Range Of Product: Harmony XB5
  • Product Or Component Type: Head For Non-Illuminated Push-Button
  • Device Short Name: ZB5
  • Bezel Material: Dark Grey Plastic
  • Mounting Diameter: 22 mm
  • Head Type: Standard
  • Shape Of Signaling Unit Head: Round
  • Type Of Operator: Spring Return
  • Operator Profile: 6 Colors Choice Flush, Unmarked