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E20749 FT-11-EPA-M6/F2x1,0/2M Ifm Electronic Diffuse Reflection Sensor

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E20749 FT-11-EPA-M6/F2x1,0/2M FT11EPAM6F2x102M

Ifm Electronic

Fibre Optic Diffuse Reflection Sensor

(New In Box)

Fibre Optic Diffuse Reflection Sensor

  • For Installation In Places Where Access Is Difficult
  • Operation As Diffuse Reflection Sensor
  • With Bendable Sensing Head For Use Where Space Is Restricted
  • For Cutting To Size
  • Small Bending Radius


  • Function Principle: Diffuse Reflection Sensor
  • Range With Fibre Optic Amplifier Type: OB50; OBF; OO50
  • OB50 Range Fibre Optics [mm]: 70
  • OBF Range Fibre Optics [mm]: 100
  • OO50 Range Fibre Optics [mm]: 300
  • Ambient Temperature [°C]: -40...70
  • Weight [g]: 49.5 (0,11 lbs)
  • Version Of Sensing Head: Bendable
  • Total Length [mm]: 2000
  • Min. Bending Radius [mm]: 27
  • Core Diameter [mm]: 2 x 1
  • Materials: Threaded Sleeve: Brass White Bronze Coated
  • Fibre Material: PMMA
  • Fibre Head Material: Stainless Steel (1.4301 / 304)
  • Fibre Sheath Material: PE
  • Items Supplied: Hexagon Nuts: 2 x M6, Stainless Steel; Tooth Lock Washers: 2