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A-K6P-M8-R-G-10M-GY-1-X-A-4 Schmersal Pre-Wired Cable

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SKU WIR-1102-E
UPC: 101206012
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A-K6P-M8-R-G-10M-GY-1-X-A-4 / M8S-6P-10M AK6PM8RG10MGY1XA4M8S6P10M



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General data - Features

Product name: Pre-wired cable A-K6M8
Gross weight: 325 g
Number of poles: 6
Number of cable wires: 6

Mechanical data - Connection technique

Length of cable: 10 m
Wire cross-section: 0.1 mm2
Cable diameter: 4.9 mm
Bending radius (fixed): 5 x Ø-cable
Bending radius (repeated): 10 x Ø-cable
Colour of the Cable mantle: Grey
Material of the Cable mantle PVC

Mechanical data - connector side A

Connector typ: Female connector
Design: straight
Connector latching: Latching interlocking
Material of the gland: Plastic, TPU
Material of the handle: Plastic, TPU
Colour of the handle: Black