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0MJ60139234 Silvent MJ6 Air Nozzle In Stainless Steel (New In Bag)

by Silvent
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  • SILVENT MJ6: micro-nozzle of stainless steel with a central hole surrounded by slots. Generates a concentrated air stream, while limiting both noise level and air consumption to a minimum. Small dimensions make this nozzle suitable for incorporation into most machine designs.
  • New In Bag Sealed

Technical data

Replace open pipe Ø (inch) 1/8
Blowing force 8.8 oz
Air consumption (scfm) 8.2
Sound level (dB(A)) 82
Nozzle technology Slot
Material (nozzle) 1.4404 (316L)
Connection type Male
Max temp. (°F) 752
Max op. pressure (psi) 145

Benefits when replacing an open pipe

Replace open pipe Ø (inch) 1/8  
Noise reduction 8 [dB(A)] 43%
Energy savings 1.8 [scfm] 18%

Material specification: EN 1.4404

Blowing properties at different pressures

Pressure (psi) 40 60 80 100 120
Blowing force (oz) 5.2 7.6 10.0 12.4 14.8
Air consumption (scfm) 5.1 7.1 9.0 11.0 13.0
Sound level (dB(A)) 77.4 81.0 83.5 85.5 87.1