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14 41 55 8 SACC-SQ-M12FSB-5CON-25F/0,5 Phoenix Contact Sensor Actuator Flush-Type Socket

$19.99 USD
SKU PLG-0370-E
UPC: 1441558
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14 41 55 8 1441558


Sensor Actuator Flush-Type Socket, 5-pos., M12, B-Coded, Front/Square Flange Mounting, With 0.5 m TPE Litz Wire, 5 x 0.34 mm²

  • 4 X Fixing Hole, 2.7 mm
  • With Form Seal For M2.5 Screws
  • Pre-Assembled With Litz Wires For Immediate Use
  • Customer-Specific Assemblies And Litz Wire Lengths Available
  • Sealed On The Litz Wire Side For Optimum Leak-Tightness
  • All Standard Pin Assignments And Codings For Signal, Data, And Power Transmission With A Uniform Design-In Design
  • For High Transmission Safety: Shield Connection To The Housing With Optional EMC Nut
  • Speedcon Fast Locking System Reduces Cabling Times